Limited Street 6.50


–          Factory street type cars/trucks. Domestic and import allowed.

–          Light weight body panels permitted.

–          No dragsters, roadsters, altereds, or center steer cars.

–          Must be street appearing. Must have 2 front seats or 1 bench seat. Carpeted interior even if rear seat is removed. Must have any interior door panels

–          Racecar lettering allowed. Prefer no stickers on body panels but not mandatory.

–          Lexan windows permitted.


–          No bracket racing aids, no throttle stops (electric or pneumatic), no optical sensors.

–          No delay boxes permitted for starting ling procedures or other driver aided electronics.

–          The application or use of any device, mechanical or electronic that permit the driver to ascertain the position of their vehicle in relation to the starting line is prohibited.

–          Progressive nitrous controller system permitted.

–          Transbrake permitted, foot brake 2 step permitted


–      Slicks or Drag Radials only. No hard tires


–      1/8 mile race

–      Heads Up Start

–      .400 Pro Tree — courtesy staging mandatory

–      All Run Ladder

*     –      Cars must be driven to the staging lanes, and back to their pit spot after a run. NO PUSHING

THE CAR IN THIS CLASS (that means no pushing by any means including people, 4 wheelers, golf carts…….)

–      All cars must meet IHRA/NHRA safety requirements.

–      Drivers must wear the safety equipment required for the ET’s being run