Limited 28’s


November 29, 2019


Must be factory, production based body and have stock appearing dash. Steel roof and quarter panels required, unless composite from the factory. Wheelbase must be within 2″ of factory. Firewall must be in factory position and location. One piece lift off front ends permitted provided it remains factory appearing. Chin spoilers permitted.


    Front Suspension

Back half type vehicles only. Double frame rails through the firewall prohibited. Stock style front frame rails and suspension required. Front frame rails to be OEM type and be intaked from firewall out past forward-most lower control arm mount. Slight knotching allowed for header clearance, header must pass through this area. Aftermarket K members permitted.

    Rear Suspension

Any type rear suspension permitted. Wheelie bars prohibited.



any 28×10.5w Slick or 275 Pro drag radials



Any engine combination permitted. Only one type of power adder allowed. (twin turbos or pro chargers permitted)


Any automatic or manual transmission with a clutch permitted


Engine diaper mandatory on all entries. Chassis to be certified for et’s being run. We strongly suggest that all participants wear a Hans or Nex Gen type of head/ neck restraint.

Disclaimer – We reserve the right to change the rules without notice to keep parity and maintain the spirit of the class.

LIMITED 28s racer Tom Smith

Chris Sheridan – Turbo SB

Nico Cechet – SB single turbo