RPM Magazine Smackdown7


Please Note: The classes and rule set listed below are only for the RPM Magazine Smackdown Event. (Canada Heads Up Rules are available on the Canada Heads Up Facebook page).





Introduction/ Participant Conduct

Our mission is to prove a safe, fun environment for all our participants, crew, family and spectators to witness some of the No Time best drag racing in Southern Ontario and Quebec. As such, it is the responsibility of each participant and their crew members to conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner throughout the course of the event and season. Any inappropriate conduct directed towards fellow participants, spectators, or event officials as well destruction of “others” property will be deemed unsportsmanlike by Event Host and/ or Host Track Officials which will result in there being grounds for expulsion from the event or any other disciplinary action as prescribed by the Director/s of the event/ series/ track. Wherever possible, rule changes will be made during the off season; however, all rules are subject to change without notice through the amendment process. The Rules Directors/ Representatives will be the consulting body for class rules. Rules questions, concerns or comments may also be submitted via [email protected] or directed to any of the Race Event Directors.

Advertising Rights

Entries and competitors, at all events, by entering, give their consent and permission to use competitor information (as provided by the competitor on the membership application or tech card), and, any images/pictures, video and sound recordings taken during an event for promoting, advertising, recording, announcing and/or reporting of any No Time event before, during and after each event, including but not limited to television, internet, and radio broadcasts, film production, print media and/or by any other means or device. All rights reserved to IHRP.

Safety Inspection

Race events are held at National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) or the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) member racetracks. For the purposes of competing in IHRP events, all racers competing should follow the NHRA safety guidelines as outlined in their official rulebook as a minimum to ensure legality. Host track will enforce sfi specifications as required by their sanctioning body. No Time event host inspection will be limited to class/ combination inspection for class legality, and are not in a position to enforce or be liable for safety infractions. All entries will follow local safety inspection rules before first pass. No refunds of entry fees shall be made to racers failing to comply.

Race Completion/ refund policy

No Time Event Host will make every attempt to complete all scheduled races when possible and necessary. However, should the race be terminated due to inclement weather conditions, curfew, darkness or any other reason, the following will occur: Refunds must be claimed on-site at the terminated race. There will be no refunds distributed through the mail or at the following racing event. There may be no attempt to finish incomplete events on another date. If the race is terminated before round one eliminations is complete the racer will receive a refund of $150 less than the entry fee (to cover track expenses for Prep).If race is terminated after entire first round of eliminations but before the end of the race, the remaining entries after the last completed round, will split the pot.

Starting Line

Once a vehicle entered in competition reaches the front of the staging lanes for a run, it must be prepared to fire up and race and the driver must have on – all safety specified gear for their class. Failure to adhere with these safety requirements will result in driver being backed up until all requirements have been met and may result in the forfeiture of a pass. To be a legitimate race winner, a contestant’s vehicle must stage under its own power, with the last movement in a forward motion (including single/bye runs). Staging must be done under the vehicles own power with the engine running. The use of any device, mechanical or electronic, that permits the driver to position their vehicle relative to the starting line is prohibited. The practice known as “deep staging” is allowed but not guaranteed. The final staging motion, using the vehicles power, must be in a forward motion going from pre-stage to stage position. All Competitors must break the staging beam (turn the Stage Lights on in a forward motion) under the cars own power to be placed on the run ladder. All competitors will make their testing hits with their class grouping.

Chip Draw – entries do not have to make a test hit to be included in the chip draw. A racer may only have one bye run per event. If a racer draws the bye run, he will be placed in L1 position the following round.


For all Elimination Competitors –

• Staging constitutes a race.

• Courtesy staging is suggested

• all competitors must follow the lane designation given for elimination rounds even if no competitor is beside you. Test passes should be made as pairs unless directed by the track officials

Drivers are responsible for their crew on the starting line. Crew members must use caution and not stand in the staging beams while lining up their driver (staging constitutes a race). Crew members standing in the beams may result in a warning and/or driver disqualification.


Protests may only be filed by a competitor in the same class and must be filed no later than the conclusion of the test hits and made directly to the Race Director and/or Competition Director in person. Officials may, at the time of protest filing, choose to accept or reject the official protest, at their sole discretion. Protests will be governed by common sense and intent.

Protest fees:

1) Remove hood for inspection $100

2) all other Protests will have a fee value no less than $300 (to be discussed and decided on at time of request)

All moneys collected – if Protest is successful 75% returned/ 25% to the Association. If inspection proves legal 75% to the Car owner/ 25% to the Association


No participant may advance to a position in a later round than they earned. If a class or eliminator winner is disqualified for any reason AFTER the run, the loser of the round will not be reinstated.


At ALL NO Time events – it is strictly prohibited for any competitor or Team member to actively seek out their Run Information. No Racer or Team Member is allowed in the Tower (where the Timing Computer is) for ANY reason. No Competitor or Team Member may actively seek out their time slip from the ET shack. Failure to adhere to these strict rules will result in instant disqualification. Once a competitor is disqualified, they waive their rights to refund, recourse or further protest about their disqualification or other competitors.