About Ontario Grudge Wars

Ontario Grudge Wars (OGW) is a headsup, small tire racing series that brings “on the edge” racing and excitement to Ontario, Canada dragstrips. Our racers and fan base can be found largely from the London/ St. Thomas area, but we also see regular racers and fans coming in from Niagara, Toronto, Hamilton, Brantford, Windsor region, NY and Michigan. We have a current set of rules that is closely followed by our sister group Quebec Grudge Wars. Through careful negotiation, our 2018 season and furture marketing efforts exploded as we have partnered with other organizations for cross promotion. 


All of our events and promotional efforts were spread out 4x! Ontario Grudge Wars, Quebec Grudge Wars, Northern Racing Unlimited and Buffalo Street Outlaws all came together to cross promote, and support each other’s events throughout our social media efforts and bringing our quickest racers from each organization to one-another’s events! As well on top of all other items, our marketing deal with RPM Magazine allows us media coverage like no other. We have monthly ad space, blog space and press release options that we include our marketing partners within.

Small Tire Shootout Street Car style drag racing was alive and well in Ontario again in 2017. Although our efforts for an early start in May were washed away by Mother Nature, the Ontario Grudge Wars Outlaw and 275 Street classes stole the show at the RPM Magazine’s Smackdown1 held in July at St. Thomas Dragway.  The Fall Small Tire Shootout followed suit in September with our largest entry numbers ever! In 2017 eighteen marketing partners came on board with Ontario Grudge Wars efforts and together we were heard! This past season will stick in everyone’s minds for a long time as we offered $27,000 in payouts from moneys raised by our marketing partners, fund raisers and entry fees.

Ontario Grudge Wars is a big part of Ian Hill Racing. For five years Ian Hill Racing has been on the leading edge of what sponsors are looking for in a marketing partner. We try to turn each dollar we receive into at least two dollars of value for our sponsors. We forward every dollar we receive back into the racing community, through co-sponsorships, series sponsorships, track advertising, charity donations and car based events throughout Southern Ontario. Based on the package we come up with together our marketing partners with see their logos used as Title Sponsors of events, class sponsorships of drag racing events; corporate logos used on t-shirt designs and on class entry’s cars. Ontario Grudge Wars marketing partner’s logos will be used on all of Ian Hill Racing’s cars for the season also, will be included in our monthly newletters, and ad space within RPM Magazine. On top of the initial press release of a new partnership OGW is known for our monthly contests and posting which make our members go out search for info on our sponsors and marketing partners which for their efforts they would win prizes like OGW t-shirts and gate fee prizes.