October 2, 2021

Ontario Grudge Wars @ TMP

Class                                      Entry Fee             Purse                                                    Awards

Outlaw                                $300 entry             $4000                                                    Championship Belt

Limited28s                          $300 entry             $4000                                                    Championship Belt

Street275                            $150                       $1500                                                    Championship Belt

63” Bikes                             $200                       $2000                                                    Championship Belt

Grudge Bikes                     $300                       100% plus $500                                 Championship Belt

5.50 Index                           $100                       100% (+$500 if over 8 cars)          Big Cheque

6.0 Index                             $100                       100% (+$500 if over 8 cars)          Big Cheque

6.50 Index                           $100                       100% (+$500 if over 8 cars)          Big Cheque

Jr dragster – no fee Tech Card – $500 Purse/ $50 Consi

Can/AM                               Entries fee paid at Can Am Trailer                              Championship Belt

                                                Hemi Car going most rounds –                                     Championship Belt

CJR Performance              $100


Gate fees – 

Racer entering Friday for Friday and Saturday:$ 70.00

Racer entering Saturday just for Saturday: $ 50.00


Crew/Spectator-entering Friday for Friday and Saturday: $ 50.00

Crew/Spectator-entering Saturday just for Saturday: $ 30.00



Two rounds of Testing @ 10am then eliminations

Outlaw, Limited28s, 63” Bike and Grudge Bike Ladder by Chip draw per round by OGW Tent

Street275, 5.50, 6.0, 5.50 2 rounds of Qualifying and Pro ladder by TMP Computer

Can/Am – 2 rounds of time trails and chip draw to fill Sportsman Ladder by Can Am

CJR Performance entries – Called to the lanes as a class per round.


Early Parking – Friday @ 6pm

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660 Sportsman Nationals – set to be single largest bracket payout weekend the province has ever seen

From the white shoe polish stock room of the super secret hideout of IHRP

August 10,2021


Ian Hill Racing productions is proud to announce a new partnership and offer up the release the Bracket racing world has been waiting for!

Ian Hill, Ontario’s hottest promoter in Drag Racing north of the boarder these days, has brought you Small Tire Shootout events, Canada Heads Up – Shootout Series and the recently – the Smackdown5… is set to expand his Racing Promotion into the Sportsman scene by partnering with well known dial in racer Drew Buchner. While Ian’s race promotion history dates back 9 years, this will be Drew’s first go at putting on a big event! 

“Drew contact me, shortly after i secured the GBM date to try to carry on a similar event to what had been previously cancelled due to health reasons – the Big Beaver race. I’ve known Drew for many years, having raced with him at St. Thomas Dragway for a few years in the bracket program – which at the height of my bracket racing career saw Drew and I take first and second in points in 2015 separated by two rounds at St. Thomas Dragway! After a brief conversation, we put a plan together and our partnership was secured. Both Drew and I have raced enough sportsman races we know what racers want…. consistency!” – IHRP Director Ian Hill. “Drew and I will be focussed all weekend to ensure the event is run smoothly and the racers are taken care of”.

The 660 Sportsman Nationals is all about the bracket racer! There will be no “show”, no Jets, no Pro Mods, no Wheel Standers…. what there will be is round after round of bracket racing! There are classes for bottom bulb racers, top bulb racers, racers that want to pay big dollars to enter to win big dollars and racers that want to dial in their quick entries! There are Bike and Sled classes, Stock/ Super Stock classes and Jr Dragster classes; all scheduled to fit into a 3 day weekend that is sure to knock the crap out of anything thats ever been done like this before! With an estimate of over $81,000 in payouts over the course of the 3 day event, it is sure to attract everyone from Western Ontario, Northern Ontario all the way through into Quebec! If you put shoe polish to window, you’d better be at this race! 

The 660 Sportsman Nationals, with only 3 weeks to plan and get the race scheduled and promoted, could not have happened without the help from the staff and management of Grand Bend Motorplex and some great sponsors! DSE Automotive, Twin Oaks Towing, J&S Collision,, Bracket Life, Cheap Side Auto, Finishline Niagara,, Western Over Head Door, Advanced Motorsports, Performance Unlimited, EWS, Boomer and Deb, Henderson Racing, For Wheels Racing, Quest Manufacturing, hutches Transmission, Bellmont Automotive, and CMS have come together with Drew and Ian to present what is sure to be an awesome event!


visit for the event details


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Ontario’s Hutch’s Transmission to support IHRP’s summer events

from the power transfer station at the super secret hideout of the OGW


May 18,2021

Ian Hill Racing Productions is proud to announce the return of associate partner Hutch’s Transmission Service for the 2021 season. Hutch’s Transmission has long been a leading transmission specialty shop for both the Canadian and American performance industry markets.

With over 30 years  of experience in the high performance racing transmission industry, Hutch’s Transmission Service is a leading authority on the newest transmission technology. Owner, John Hutchinson’s aim is to create the very best and most reliable transmissions on the market today.

Hutch’s Transmission Service specializes in drag racing automatic transmissions, custom prototype work, restoration, manufacturing and design consultation. Additionally, they are the only Canadian SFI certification centre for Reid Racing Inc, JW Performance Transmissions, and ATI Performance Products.

“Using only the best parts available, we strive to build the highest quality transmissions that will reliably endure the tortures of racing. We are proud to be able to say that we have satisfied customers all around the world”. – John Hutchinson – owner.


Hutch’s Transmission Service joins the ever growing force that helps to back our Maxima Racing Oil’s Canada Heads Up Series powered by Speed Wire Systems and the RPM Magazine Smackdown5 powered by Maxima Racing Oil and RM Racing Lubricants. Without these great companies that continually support the series that their customers race in, we could never be where we are!

John’s customers can be found racing in Super Street, EZ Street and Street275 in the IHRP events. Their customers can also be found leading the pack in Top Sportsman, X275, Pro Mod and so many more classes throughout Canada and the USA.


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From the protest parade…..

May 14, 2021

With the Government of Ontario announcement yesterday, to extend the current lock down restriction out a couple more weeks, it has once again thrown a wrench in our plans to get our series rolling. As the restrictions are now extended to June 2 it would have put our series as the first down the track at St. Thomas Dragway and after discussions with the track both parties concluded its in everyone best interest to cancel the event.

“Its Official – we are closed until June 3rd”. “Also with this announcement that our opening weekend will most likely be June 3-5th. It has been decided that the Canada Heads Up event scheduled for that weekend will be cancelled. Erring on the side of caution/competitor safety – Both parties want to see the track have some laps on it before we send the Heads Up competitors down the surface” – Paul Spriet, St. Thomas Dragway.

The Maxima Racing Oil Canada Heads Up Series powered by Speedwire Systems, which was originally slated for a 6 race series, where the competitors would have their 5 best finishes counted, will now move to a standard 5 race series.

“Our next scheduled race on the series tour has us slated for June 26/27 weekend at Toronto Motorsports Park. As always on the Friday prior to our events, we will have a test session scheduled for that event” – Ian Hill series Director.

Keep watching our social media as we continue to prepare for the opening Series date!

IHRP’s first event at St. Thomas Dragway is now the RPM Magazine Smackdown5 powered by Maxima Racing Oil and RM Racing Lubricants


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Agostino Motorsports Group formed and in position to take over in 2021

From the negotiation room at the super secret hideout of the OGW

April 1, 2021


We are pleased to announce the formation of the Agostino Motorsports Group and their intentions to amalgamate with the Canada Heads Up – Shootout Series.

Its been known for a while now, that Agostino Motorsports front man Nick Agostino has had his hands in most Fuel Injected/ Turbo combinations set to hit the Super Street class in Ontario Canada in 2021, from the basic build to on track tuning. In a surprise move all the owners of the potent turbo/ small block combos got together to form the group, which intends to pool their knowledge, resources and lobby for change!

Hot on the heals of last weeks news that local promoters are getting rich from their efforts hosting events across Ontario, the newly formed Agostino Motorsports group has made an offer to Canada Heads Up front man Ian Hill, and many from the negotiating room have noted that they didnt remember hearing the cash filled envelope hit the table before Ian scooped it up and was heard laughing from down the hall way, until the exit door closing quieted the meeting once again. 

While it is still rumor, the chanting from the negotiation room did sound like they intend on moving in on the local No Prep scene next.

In unrelated news, the Agostino Motorsports Group would like to direct everyone to the updated 2021 Super Street rules that now shows a 200lbs weight break for turbo powered entries  when combined with a small block! They would also like to direct anyone that would like to complain or add comments to their efforts, please contact them via email: [email protected]

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Series Partner RM Racing Lubricants 2021 season preview

March 15, 2021


Tonight at 8pm on Facebook Live Richard Matthie will be announcing his company’s – RM Racing Lubricants Marketing Partnerships for the 2021 season!


RM Racing Lubricants is one the major supporters of Ian Hill Racing Productions schedule of events for 2021. Rich was instrumental in helping to put the deal together that has brought Maxima Racing Oil on board to prest the CHU and the Smackdown for 2 seasons! RM Racing Lubricants is a presenting partner of the RPM Magazine Smackdown5, is the Presenting partner of the Jr Dragster program at SD5, is an associate partner of the CHU series. Rich’s RM Racing Body Panels is a supporting partner of the Northern No Prep Nationals Oct 3.


Check out Rich’s live announcement this evening at 8 on his FB page!  

RM Racing Lubricants extends his sponsorship to Ian Hill Racing into 2021

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March 9, 2021


Chill It – Race Car Cooling Systems are focused on keeping your race car cool. Their Pit Trans Coolers have hit the market full steam ahead! Maxima Racing Oil Canada Heads Up – Shootout Series powered by Speedwire Systems is proud to welcome Chill It on as a series sponsor, Chill It will be presenting one of our Heads Up Pro Category classes

Built from top of the line race parts the lightweight powder coated frame houses some of the industries top components – Derale dual cooler core and fan assembly, a high temperarture rated pump, screw on filter assembley, is powered by 110 volts.

Chill It also has a line of Iceless engine chillers and Fire Suppression systems they will be promoting throughout the season.

Visit the next time you are looking for cooling solutions for your Race Car!  


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JP Powder Coating

March 5, 2020

Kitchener’s JP Powder Coating has joined forces with CHU to bring you the Short Wheel Base Bike class for 2021! 

JP Powder Coating is a leader in Powder Coating, Media Blasting and Sandblasting. Check out their killer workmanship and fades on Tanya Teezel’s bike this summer!

Find more info about JP Powder Coating on the IHRP website here

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Membership opens for 2021

March 5, 2021

Membership benefits! 

2020 saw CHU pay $7450 in cash back the series Champions. This was funded directly by the Membership fees collected at the beginning of the season. 2021, with the expected increase of entry count should see an even greater amount paid back to this upcoming season’s Champions.

Our series race results will be featured in Inside Track Motorsports News Magazine (ITMN) and as such, we want to make sure everyone has a chance to check out every race, advertisement and feature throughout the 2021 season. New for 2021, the first 75 members signed up for our Heads Up and Index categories will receive an ITMN subscription included with their membership.

The fees are as follows:

Manditory membership required:

Pro10five, Super Street, EZ Street, 235Outlaws, Street275 – $100/ class

SWB Bike, KOTS Bike – $50/class


Optional Membership:

 5.50, 6.00, 6.50 and Crazy8s (bike) indexes $50

(points will only be tallied for those that have bought in to the points series)


 Jr’s – free membership – subscription $10

Non racer – subscription $15


Send your etransfer to Series Race Director Stuart Garbino at [email protected]

In the message of the etransfer or a separate email send the following information:


Mailing Address

Contact #


Car/ bike number

Year and Make


2020 Super Street Champion Nick Agostino

2020 EZ Street points Champ Anthony Daversa  

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VP Racing Fuel signs on as fuel sponsor for 2021

February 26, 2021

From the dyno room at the super secret hideout of the OGW


We are please to announce a new marketing partner for 2021 –  VP Racing Fuels! VP Racing joins the Maxima Racing Oil Canada Heads Up – Shootout Series presented by Speedwire Systems (CHU) as a class presenting sponsor and we couldn’t be more excited!

VP Racing Fuel is a leader in the race gas and methanol fuels that are commonly found powering the quickest and fastest car and bike entries of the CHU.

Check out VP Racing online to find a dealer near you


Royal distributing

925 Woodlawn Rd W., Guelph, ON N1K 1B7 |

tel: (519) 822-6903 ext. 2238 | fax: (519) 822-0526     |Whitby and Sudbury Locations as well


Drummond Fuels Ottawa LTD.

30 Rideau Heights Dr. Nepean Ont. K2E 7A6



J&B Cycle and Marine

950 Riverside Dr. Timmins, Ontario P4N-3W2

Ph 1-705-267-1417


Mastrangelo Fuels 720 Hewitson Street Thunder Bay, On P7B 5Z1

Tel: 807 623-3996


Grand Bend Motorplex P.O. Box 668 Grand Bend, Ontario, N0M 1T0

Office: (519) 238-7223


Earl rosebush fuels 4026 Old Highway 2 E, Belleville ON K8N 4Z4



St Onge Recreation 65 Hart Drive Barrie, ON L4N 5M3

Phone: (705) 733-228


Bicknell Racing Products 117 Cushman Rd, St Catharines ON L2M 6S9


Kennedy Motorsports   51-Watt Street Guelph




Fill Up Fuels   Port Perry Ontario   22115 Island Road



Toronto Motorsports Park 1040 Kohlar Road Cayuga On N0A 1E0


2020 Super Street Champ Agostino Motorsport’s 69 Camaro lives on VP Racing Fuels M1

2020 EZ Street Champ Anthony D’aversa uses VP Racing Fuels Q16 in his Nitrous powered big block combo

Ian Hill’s 68 Camaro Gray Area new turbo combo will be feeding on M1 in 2021

When its time to fill up, Murray Lonsbary uses MR12 in his bikes

2020 Pro Bike entry Brant Rossi runs C16

Street275 racer Jay Gallant runs VP Racing Fuels C12 in his 4-eye fox.

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