Stock Wheel Base Bike – Smackdown

SWB Bike is a heads up class for street legal, stock wheelbase motorcycles.
Motorcycles in this class must/ may be required to do one lap on a closed course
(Similar to Real Street) with no changes other
than releasing the front end strap (if equipped)

• Chassis – one stock frame is required. Aftermarket
swingarm and 1” offset triple clamps are
permitted. ½” offsets are not permissible.
• OEM wheel base +/-1”
• Suspension – minimum 2” ground clearance to any metal part.
• Electrical – stock ecu, fully operable headlights and taillights are required. Horn
and signals may be deleted. Air shifters are permitted.
• Wheelie Bars prohibited
• No ballast
• Power adders permitted
• Clutch – stock one style clutch is required. Heavy springs and Block’s Performance
style clutch ‘mods’ are permitted.
• Any dot tire permitted