2023 Rules Amendments

Rules Amendments come into effect on the day they are posted and are not retroactive.


April 4, 2023

Bikes – All Bike Classes will be run 1/4 for the 2023. Subject to weather and track conditions.


April 4, 2023

EZ Street – BB Nitrous – Non Conventional Combinations

                 Change – Max cubic from 565 to 580

                 Change – Non-Conventional Heads +3lbs. per cubic inch above 510 to 565ci OR +3.5lbs per cubic inch                                   above 510 between 566 to 580ci.


August 21, 2023

1.    Rules wording clarification (Qualifying) – in the case that one or more qualifying sessions is cancelled or postponed, this first completed Qualifying session will be listed as Q1.

2.    Rules wording clarification (Qualifying) – As per the rule book, to be placed on the Qualifying Sheet, you must break the beams in a forward motion, under the vehicles own power. However, as we are an all run series, to be placed on the ladder a qualifying attempt must be made. This means “getting your tires wet”. A participant that attempts to Qualify (by getting their tires wet) will receive Attendance Points, will receive 1 point for Qualifying points and will receive Eliminations Points.

3.    Rules wording clarification (Qualifying) – Attempting to Qualify (Getting your tires wet) must be done under the vehicles own power.


Aug 24, 2023

1.    Qualifying Heads Up – Under no circumstances will the start of a Pro Category qualifying session be started after 7:00pm.


August 28, 2023

BB Nitrous on Radials add 50lbs.

1.    EZ Street – Radials add 50 lbs. (SB Nitrous not applicable)


September 13, 2023

Super Street

1.    Lock up adder – Nitrous and N/A add 50lbs, Boost add 75lbs

2.    EZ Street ,Supercharger – Add “Max cubic Inch 470”


Oct 13, 2023

EZ Street

1. Transmission

                  Lock up Transmission Prohibited


Super Street

1. Transmission

                  Lock Up add 50lbs (6 cylinder not applicable)