2021 CHU Rules Amendments

2021 CHU Rules Amendments

1)     SWB Bike – “Chassis – one stock frame is required. Aftermarket swingarm and 1” offset triple clamps are permitted. ½” offsets are not permissible.”

a.     Add – Zero offset prohibited.

2)     SWB Bike – “Suspension – minimum 2” ground clearance to any metal chassis part for all motor entries. Minimum 4” for power adder.”

a.     Remove “chassis”. Rule Line will now read “minimum 2” ground clearance to lowest metal part for all-motor entries; minimum 4” for power adder bikes.

3)     Vehicle Changes/ Double Entry

a.     Add clarification line – All Pro Category Heads Up entries (the vehicle) may only enter one class per weekend (Pro10five, Super Street, EZ Street, Street275, SWB Bike, Kotz Bike and 235Outlaws).

4)     Points Structure – Heads Up Class Racers competing for the championship title based on total points earned at all events, unless otherwise specified in class rules. The members best finishes from 5 of the 6 series races will be tallied. Points will be calculated in the following manner:

a.     As the first race was Covid Cancelled, remove 5 of the 6 and replace with “ The 5 race results will be used for the totals”

5)     Points Structure

a.     Add – All Pro Category Heads Up classes including Street275 must have PERMANENT car numbers affixed on the front windshield and at a minimum the side of the vehicle facing the Tower for the facility the CHU event is held at.