Class Overview

This class contests the roots of street car style heads up drag racing. The quickest and fastest street style cars on DOT street tires compete in one class, REAL STREET SHOOTOUT.


Real Street. All entrants must display this designation on both sides of their car with car number.


ONTARIO’S FASTEST REAL STREETCAR SHOOTOUT is an 1/8-mile heads-up class run on a .400 pro tree. The drivers will attend an informal drivers meeting, meet at a designated area with their competition car ready for their cruise. Once the cruise is complete all competing cars will go directly to the designated Lane. Round ONE will follow directly and from this point on all competition cars may go to your pits between rounds (see general rules below for more details). This is an all run, NO TIME class. No minimum car count, guaranteed purse unless otherwise listed.


– Any DOT treaded tire. Slicks Prohibited.
– Must have current and matching License Plates with valid sticker, matching ownership and valid insurance

– All entries must have two front (automotive) seats, properly mounted.

– All entries must have mufflers (turbos are considered a muffler)

– Car must drive to the lanes and down the return road under their own power

30 Minute Cruise/ Spirit of the Class

As this is to truly to find out who has the baddest street car in Ontario it is assumed that driving 30 minutes should be a regular occurrence for the vehicle and as such should be done with a friend!

·        All competitors will meet at the OGW tent prior to the cruise for rule updates and round one pairings

·        All competitors will write their run order in the upper center of their windshield before the cruise and will line up for the cruise in this order

·        The cruise will have a lead car and a following car, if the Following car passes a competitor you will be deemed eliminated from competition.

·        All cars in the cruise must have a passenger

·        All cars in the cruise may not leave the course, nor accept the help from anyone other than their passenger

·        Refueling during the cruise is strictly prohibited

·        Once the cruise is complete, all competitors and the following car will attend the designated Lane, once parked, maintenance may begin. The driver may then receive support  (i.e. fuel, nitrous bottles, air pigs, ice etc…) by his team.

·        If during the cruise, you get out of order, please fall into line in the nearest available spot and find your first round pairing while parking in Lane 10 after the cruise. Do not attempt to pass on the road course to get back into your spot.

·        Drivers/ competition cars will have a minimum of 15 minutes of cool down time before 1st round

·        Once round one is complete all competition cars may return to their pits between rounds and await their run order class call.

·        Auto Start will be used

·        Curtacy staging in affect…this means 2 cars pre-stage before anyone stages

·        If you stage, it’s a race.


Round one – RPM Magazine Smackdown2 Real Street to the lanes….

Jay Gallant driving “Small Business” towards another round win!