PSP Paul Silva Performance

PSP Paul Silva Performance

Paul’s efforts on the track and in the shop are evident by the passion he shows on his chest and displays on the wall in his shop! When the Black and Yellow team tshirts make their way to the line, you know there’s something fast about to go down!

A quick stop to the PSP headquarters this past summer showed me all i need to know about how serious these guys are about horsepower. With 2 bad ass cars in the shops getting updates done, the parts area loaded up with all the go fast goodies you could ask for and then the Wall of Fame! Send you car in for performance upgrades or rebuilds, take it to the track with the team and you are sure to find a picture and description of your efforts hanging on the wall soon after…. if theres still room! Wow! the wall was jammed with many go fast cars i have had the pleasure of seeing go down the strip!

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Brandon Silva – The MODSTER

Chris D – Murda GT