Greg Zack

Greg Zack Street275

Greg Zack has been a part of the Nitrous small block street car scene for a number of years! He now bases his efforts towards the Street275 class of the OGW and a few other local No Time events. Greg has a bit of history with the Small Tire Shootouts OGW has been part of hitting the finals of the Nitrous Plate Class in 2017 at the Smackdown1 @ St. Thomas Dragway.


Whats new for Greg Zack and his racing team? Well, i have seen if for myself and i can tell you a new build bad ass New Edge Mustang is on the assembly table at Zack’s race shop! 


Greg has been a supporting sponsor of the OGW since our beginning through his Zack’s Classic Construction business. Check out the Sponsors section of our web page for more info and links to see what Greg can do for you!