Jeff Patterson Bloom

Jeff Bloom’s team is one to be feared at all levels. Whether he is running NMRA or Ontario Grudge Wars events, he is sure to be able to lay down quick pass after quick pass! This grass roots team has had their share of hickups, most recently losing most of a season struggling trying sort out a lack of boost issue. Together the team went after it hard and never gave up. The success that came after that was ever apparent and well deserved!

Team – Lunatic Fringe won the Smackdown2 Street275 in a very close finish. Rumor has it jeff’s mustang is in the middle of some huge front end upgrades to help reduce weight and be better suited to move up a class in 2019!


We wish this team luck with their early season efforts in the southern states while the rest of us sit watching the live feed freezing….. 😉

Lunatic Fringe