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Canada Heads Up – Will Pro10five be the next big thing……

December 17, 2020

From the far depths of the basement at the super secret hideout of the CHU.


Canada Heads Up brass is proud to announce our newly added class for 2021 -Pro10five. When news of the now defunct Cecil County Outlaw10.5 class flooded the internet, many rumors and stories seemed to be hitting the net daily. Shortly thereafter came the announcement that Pro275 would be adopted to take over the once extremely popular 10.5 Slick tired class. With no less than 10 Ontario local racers affected by the news, the CHU started discussions with some the biggest names in the class, north of the boarder. 

“We spent hours, literally hours on end, trying to come up with the best solution for the racers that were now parked, with no where to go. The adaptation of Pro275 by Cecil opened up another element to the the discussion – track prep! Could we offer safe track prep if we were to adopt the Pro275 rules? This and so many other questions were asked and discussed over the last number of weeks that would make your head spin. In the end we decided what was best, on average, for our local events would be to adopt the 275 rule set, but allow 10.5s and 315s. This would allow the racers that are comfortable on slicks, to continue running slicks; guys running radials or wanting to test on radials, assuming the border will open some day, would have a place to do so. CHU modified the rules slightly, came up with a cool name and Jim Mcharg, again came up with a great logo!” – Canada Heads Up Director – Ian Hill

Pro10five will run on a 4 race series, with the competitors top 3 finishes counting towards their points run. Pro10five racers will also have the opportunity to compete at the RPM Magazine Smackdown5 in July and at the Canada Heads Up series opener in June as a non-points/ warm up race.

With some of the biggest names in Ontario considering tighting up the valve lash on their parked cars we know 2021 will be off the chain with this newly added class. Fans of the once popular class look forward to seeing the likes of Ricky Carlos, Tony Presto, Dave Archer, Phil Sliskovic (Team68), Nick Agostino, Bret Stien and a host of others as they announce their 2021 intensions, filling the lanes in the wild Pro10five class this summer!

It wont be long until we start hearing the Americans start to wish the borders were open so they could attend the IHRP schedule of races!



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Canada Heads Up announces 2021 intensions…. One Big Series, 2 Locations!

Dec 2, 2020

Ian Hill Racing Productions (IHRP) is pleased to announce our reinstated partnership with Toronto Motorsports Park for 2021. Canada Heads Up – Street Car Shootout Series has shown continued growth throughout the last two seasons and we couldn’t be more excited to bring our brand of racing back to TMP! As Canada Heads Up prepares for next season, excitement is in the air over the news of surface updates being completed in the off season, again, by both tracks that the series will be attending in the up coming season (St. Thomas Dragway and TMP).

Next season, with only one series to race with, Street Car Shootout competitors will compete chasing points over our 6 race schedule, but only counting their top 5 outings. “We know our racers love drag racing, but we also respect their love for weekends with their families. The single race-points-drop will help racers stay focused on the Championship even if issues at home or their race car arise”, Ian Hill – IHRP Director

Race dates for the highly anticipated 2021 Canada Heads UP – Street Car Shootout Series are as follows: June 5-6 St. Thomas Dragway (STT), June 25-26 Toronto Motorsports Park (TMP), July 10-11 TMP, Aug 14-15 STT, Sept 11-12 TMP and the series finals Sept 25-26 STT. Also on the IHRP schedule for 2021 is the RPM Magazine Smackdown5 July 24-25 at STT and the Oct Small Tire Shootout STT.

CHU series Pro Category classes will include all the regular classes from the last 2 years plus a few more…. Super Street, EZ Street, 235Outlaws, Street275, Street Bike, 8.80Extreme Bike, Wicked6.5 and Jr Dragster will see the addition of a 5.50 index, 6.0 index and one more Bike class.

“As we head into our 9th year of being involved in presenting races, we are more focused than ever. IHRP are planning to bringing the same structured and consistent Street Car Shootout series events that includes a well organized race day, that follows a consistent pattern. Canada Heads Up’s 3rd year will continue to show growth in car count and what we are able to offer our fans, racers and marketing partners” – Ian Hill,  IHRP director



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