Bear’s Performance 4.20 Pro Mods set to the take the stage at CHU opener

May 16, 2022

Bear’s Performance Products presents the all new 4.20 Pro Mod class at the CHU events this season!

Hot on the heals of the schedule release for 2022, Canada Heads Up – Shootout Series presented by Speedwire Systems, Maxima Racing Oil and Nash Competition Engines made the announcement of their intended growth on the Big Tire side of things with the addition of 4.20 Pro Mod.

“Ontario has always been a hot bed for Pro Modified teams and we saw a definite spread between the tried and true Pro Mods of the past being parked to make way for the few new build cars that tour the 3 second classes at events south of the boarder. This left a ton of door cars that could run comfortable mid 6 second passes at home looking for a place to race”, Ian Hill – CHU Director. “The 4.20 class is very popular along the east coast and in Quebec so we figure, with our standard great track prep and run schedule we’d be able to offer the best of the best for those door slammers looking for a place to try some heads up racing!”

The Bear’s Performance 4.20 ProMods will run on a Pro Tree and eighth mile 4.20 index. Racers will be able to take advantage of the Friday test sessions, followed by Saturday qualifying and Sunday Eliminations. On top of the guaranteed purse, the class competitors will run for a points championship that will see cash payouts and special one off awards.

Bear’s Performance front-man Kevin Zimmer says the Team’s K&K/ Bear’s  Dodge Stratus will be ready and attending at least the first 3 events on the CHU schedule. Looking at the number racers that have prepaid for registration and parking for the class, the CHU brass says this class will be filled with some of the hottest big tire racing Ontario has seen in a long time!

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Markham Auto’s TQ bonus program for Super Street and EZ Street gets finalized

May 13, 2022

EZ Street small block nitrous racer Ryan Shulze’s Markham Auto has stepped up to sponsor the Top Qualifier program of EZ Street and VP Racing Fuels Super Street for the CHU 2022 season! Ryan is a feirce competitor that never leaves anything on the table when he makes a run and his Markham Auto is behind all those that may being number 1 their highest priority! This season Top Qualifiers in both EZ and SS will receive a bonus $200 cash at each of our 5 points races! Money will be paid out at each event by CHU staff directly to the #1 qualifyiers.

Canada Heads Up – Shootout Series presented by Speedwire Systems, Maxima Racing Oil and Nash Competition Engines first race is coming up quickly! june 10th kicks off race 1 with a full afternoon practice session followed by qualifying Saturday and Eliminations Sunday! Come check out Canada’s best racing series with classes for all close wheel competitors and Bikes. 

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Trevor Snyder’s Matco Tools joins CHU

May 9, 2022

Trevor Snyder, another of the racers that has not only followed, but has been part of the Street Car Shootout scene in Ontario since near its beginnings is back and in a big way! Trevor’s Matco Tools is loaded up and bringing a huge hit with his support of the Canada Heads Up Shootout Series – presented by Speedwire Systems, Maxima Racing oil and Nash Competition Engines.

Trevor drives a 1968 Camaro that has a rich history competing in the OSCA’s index classes and after few years away from being at the track on a regular basis Trevor and his family are back!!!!

CHU brass and Trevor Snyder have put together an new and excited intiative to add even more excitement to our points chase! At the 4th race (September 15th weekend) we will adding a 4th round to Saturday night – the Innaugral Trevor Snyder’s MATCO TOOLS ALLSTAR RACE!!!! For now the details are still being finalized, but we will confirm that VP Racing Fuels Super Street, EZ Street and SWB at a minimum will see their class’s first and second in points race off for some cash before sticking their cars in the box for the night! Other Heads Up classes – Pro10five and Kots bikes will also be considered based on car count in the points series – more details to follow!

CHU will be at TMP for 5 races this summer – June 11/12, July 16/17, August 6/7, Sept 10/11 and Oct 15/16. 

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Azevedo Racing joins growing list of supporters for Ontario’s Top Heads Up racing program

April 21, 2022

Mark Azevedo and his family racing Team have stepped up and added to the amazing support that Canada Heads Up – Shootout Series presented by Speedwire Systems, Maxima Racing Oil and Nash Competition Engines has seen this year from within its own racing community! 

As the series continues to grow and evolve the number of entries continues to grow and with it classes are added and the number of awards handed out per race – big cheques, record certificates and year end championship awards continue to grow. Associate Sponsorship is so very important to maintaining what do and we can thank the Azevedo Family for their continued support of attending our events and now also standing behind us with sponsorship support!

Mark’s 68 Chevelle EZ Street entry has been a staple of the EZ Streets class for many years and is a true fierce competitor. The Azevedo Family’s Chevelle is powered by a Big Block Single Stage Nitrous powered Chev engine! 

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Priority Collision returns to support the CHU Jr Dragster program

April 5, 2022

We welcome back Priority Collision as a major supporting company behind our Free to Enter Jr Dragster program. Jason Gallant of Priority Collision has backed our series for many seasons and in 2021 we moved to free entry for the Juniors, and we are happy to announce that we are headed in that direction again! 


Priority Collision is the Welland area’s leading collision repair center as well as most know is the home of Gallant Customs… the place to go for your hot rod or custom auto and bike paint work! Jason is a regular CHU Street275 competitor giving the series champ a good run for him money, ending with a second place finish while enduring missing one event in 2021. Jr Dragster racer and part of the Gallant family – Cole Ferri, CHU’s 2021 Jr Champion plans his 2022 return in a new scale digger!

The Jr Dragster program is supported by a series of shops, but we are proud to thank Priority Collision for their part in supporting the 2022 Jr Dragster season!

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NHRA adopts new 85″ over hang rules

In a surprise move NHRA has announced its intentions of adding to the front end overhang allowance in the Pro Category classes for the balance of 2022 and beyond. Speculation is that the NHRA wishes to continue to separate itself from the likes of other sub par Associations and Promoters like Donald Long that recently made the move to limit the amount of over hang allowed on entries in his wildly popular Pro 275 radial tire class. Some racers have already found it easier to go back to outlaw body part manufacturers and get them to extend the noses on their outlawed bodies rather than trying to design the new shorter nose that will be required before the fall radial races hit the calendar. 

New for 2022, the NHRA will now be allowing 85″ of over hang in the following classes – Pro Mod, Pro Stock and the new Factory Stock Eliminator. ” we saw an opening where there was ton of pissed off racers and body manufacturers, we were down in Pro Mod entries, so it just made sense”, – NHRA  staff member that wouldnt be named. Staff within the NHRA organization would not say whether they intend to allow  Pecker Extenders to run the same length, however they did agree that adding length to the nose would help their fan base separate class cars apart from NHRA base entries and other Outlaw event entries and were keen to add that those that utilize the new rule at the next race would mostly be the new Big Dick!

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John Stornelli Racing adds support for 2022 season

March 29, 2022

As the race season approaches the excitement surrounding the Canada Heads Up series continues to soar – and with it we would like to welcome and thank the John Stornelli Racing Team for supporting the series. 


John has been a dominating force in the 5.50 index class the last couple of seasons and he is ready as ever for the warmer weather and sticky track surface to get here quickly! 

John and Team can be found regualrly at the CHU events with the Team’s 3rd gen Camaro, which rumor has it, may just be dialed back a little bit to hit the 5.50 index!!!!

The racers, fans and BoD thanks you John Stornelli Racing!

The Canada Heads Up – Shootout Series presented by Speedwire Systems, Maxima Racing Oil and Nash Competition Engines is set to take the stage at Motorama Custom Car April 29-May 1 with a large scale booth at the back of Hall 1. Come join us Saturday afternoon/ evening as we celebrate our champions at the Motorama Drag Night of Champions!

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R&P Automotive – Maple Ontario comes on board for 2022!

March 24, 2022

The CHU is proud to announce that Ralph Aulicino’s R&P Automotive has come on board to support the series for the up and coming season.

Ralph in known within the series for running his hard charging 70.5 Camaro in the CHU Series popular 5.50 index class. Ralph finished the 2021 season in 3rd place, less than one round out from taking the second place spot!

Whats new in the R&P Auto racing team? Well… rumor has it that Ralph has purchased the x-Doldo racing 67 Camaro VP Racing Fuels Super Street roller and will be putting the Camaro together with a Nitrous combo! We cant wait to see what class Ralph will campaign the car when its all back together!

From the Racers and BoD of the Canada Heads Up – Shootout Series presented by Speedwire Systems, Maxima Racing Oil and Nash Competition Engines we thank you R&P Automotive

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Doldo Racing adds support for 2022

March 21, 2022

Doldo Racing has signed on to support the Canada Heads Up – Shootout Series presented by Maxima Racing Oil, Speedwire and Nash Competition Engines for 2022. Team owner Pat Doldo and driver/ son Frankie Doldo have been driving force with Ontario based Street car type racing for years starting in the early days of the OSCA!

Most recently Frankie has been driving the teams’ 67 Camaro in VP Racing Fuels Super Street trim, however with some big changes within the team’s stable, word on the street is they are putting the finishing touches on a totally revamp of a 3rd gen Pro Stock build for Pro10five!

Thank you very much Team Doldo Racing


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Pete Palladino adds suppoprt to CHU for 2022

March 7, 2022

from the race shop of the super secret hideout of the OGW



Grump Pete Racing front man Pete Palladino is back for some serious VP Racing Fuel Super Street action in 2022. Not only is he ready to bring out his iconic Orange Firebird but he is back on board in supporting the series! Canada Heads Up – Shootout Series presented by Speedwire Systems, Maxima Racing Oil and Nash Competition Engines continues to grow and with it, the support from within our industry and racing family never ceases to amaze us! We thank you Pete and your race team – Grump Pete Racing for making CHU your home series and for backing our efforts for 2022!

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