2022 Canada heads Up – Kick off

January 21, 2022 from the oval office of the super secret hide out of the OGW


As the snow and ice builds, many of us are busting knuckles on winter updates and upgrades the people behind the scenes of Canada Heads Up – Shootout series are already hard at it, getting together to make 2022 the greatest season of CHU yet!

We would like to well two new board members and a new committee chairperson.

We welcome Luciano Vitelli and Frank Cesario to our Board of Directors. Luch and Frank join our current board of Wajdy Kahlil, Dean, Louie Braccio, Stuart Gerbino and series director Ian Hill. “We look forward to Luch’s input in giving us feed back from the Heads Up competitors as well we look forward to Luch’s focus on helping us ensure our sponsors and supporter agreements are being follow through properly. Frank Cesario’s long standing involvement in all forms of drag racing will come into play as his focus will to aid our continued growth within the index/ sportsman side of things and off track social events/ items. We added two members to the board this year so we can maintain the odd number of BoD members required to reach a majority vote on such items.

CHU also welcomes our new Bike Committee chair – Mike Pereira. Mike will be working with the Bike competitors as a direct line to the Board. We look forward to Mike’s input on all bike related issues and helping us to shape our efforts for future growth of the series.

In the coming weeks we look forward to opening up our Membership for early sign up, releasing our parking plan, and gearing up for the series with our annual “Locked In” posters! – are racing with Canada Heads Up this year?… then send us a PM on FB and well get your hot rod on our list of Locked In racers!!!!