Canada Heads Up season ends on a high note!

2020 IHRP

 Canada Heads Up – Maxima Racing Oil Heads Up Street Car Shootout Series


The rubber dust and smoke has settled, the sweet smell of race gas and the eye watering alcohol fumes are gone, but the sound… the roar of the big inch Nitrous powered, Super Charged, Pro Charged and Turbocharged entries that came out to race in our series this season will be with me for months to come!

What started out looking like an amazing season with our new marketing partners Maxima Racing Oil and RM Racing Lubricants in place for what was sure to be another successful series in the coming months, was quickly sent to the noose with the arrival of Covid and the rules that would be put in place that nearly suffocated our 2020 efforts. By the time the season was set to get started, with the updates being finished by our 2020 home track, the momentum we expected earlier in the year was right back with us!

We were ecstatic that our Pro Categories were filled with 96 entries at race 1. Race 2 Pro Category entries dipped to 80 during the rain filled weekend which saw Sunday’s eliminations cancelled due to weather. Our 3rd and final weekend saw 102 Pro Category entries through the gate! Of course, all 3 race weekends were also home to many Pro, Super Pro and Bikes&Sleds entries, all making 2020 easily our biggest year ever for entries!

Maxima Racing Oil series points were awarded to each Pro Category racer in 8.80Extreme Bikes, EZ Street, Street Bike, Super Street, 235Outlaws, Street275, Wicked 6.50 and Jr Dragster competition. Attendance point, Round win points, Elimination Champion points and Record ET points were handed out in each Pro Class.

Class                    Champion                            2nd Place

Super Street         Nick Agostino                       Pano Moros

EZ Street              Anthony Daversa                  Matt Glassford

235Outlaws           Corrado Lentinello                Tyler Kranendonk

Street Bike            Nick Kempers                       Damian Tang

Street275              E.J Gouveia                          Jason White

8.80Extreme Bike   Landon Swain                       Karen Hope

Wicked6.50            Jay Lightheart                       Austin Ward

Jr Dragster Champion – Arnold Fox


We saw records fall in almost every class. Nick Agostino set the bar for low et and high mile in Super Street with a 4.33 et and 185.05. EZ Street saw the mph record get reset by Adam Bastarache with a 160.30 mph. 235Outlaws hitter Corrado Lentinello made history being the first to the 4s in Ontario and set the current small tire record at 4.96 et and 146.89mph. Street275 records now belong to Jomama with a 5.5020 et and Mac Goblin and his 135.09mph run. Wicked6.50 records were set by Eric- green-bastard-Webber with a dead on 6.500 @ 115.40. On the bike side of things we saw some amazing numbers posted this year, both in the heads up and index classes. Street Bike record now sits with Mickey Dinoo and his 161.44mph, while only one end of the 8.80 Extreme record was reset! Murray Lonsbury now holds the et side with an 8.806. All et records are kept to the fourth decimal place and both ET and MPH records are required to be backed up at the same event within 1% to be certified.

While we can not host a year end banquet our champions will be celebrated with Champions trophies, prizes and cash, collected through membership fees at the beginning of the year.

As always, check out the sponsors lists we have posted on our website and try to use these companies as you perform your winter upgrades. We give another special thank you to our series partner Maxima Racing Oil and RM Racing Lubricants.


Points lists can be found on our website as well the Canada Heads Up FB page