Quebec Grudge Wars and Ontario Grudge Wars gather forces to bring Nitrous to the front…

January 2, 2020 – from the dirty south end of the parking lot at the super secret location of OGW.

This just in… No Clock Small Block is coming to Canada!

Quebec Grudge Wars and Ontario Grudge Wars have always maintained a similar rule set between each other and this time is no different. With the ever growing popularity of the Limited28s class and the low ets it continuously sees we realized the separation of the combos needs a fix! The combo that seems to be being left in the et department is the Small Block Nitrous combo. So to fill the gap between the Street Class and the 235Outlaws class we felt the Nitrous Small Block combo was a good place to start!



“Once Lights Out Promoter Donald Duck Long announced the rule set for his 11th running of the popular event at South Georgia Motorsports Park we checked his rules out and realised they fit what we are all about – simple, easy to tech and basic! Steve (QGW) and I am very excited to see where this exciting class leads us and what support we get from the racers” – IHRP front man Ian Hill.