SPEEDWIRE SYSTEMS returns as Presenting supporter for 5th Annual Canada heads Up – Shootout Series

February 14, 2024  – From the super secret hideout of the CHU headquarters


Speedwire Systems, manufacturer of switch panels, relay boards, timers and performance electronic system accessories is back to support the Canada Heads Up – Shootout Series for another year! Gil’s Speedwire is loaded up with fully anodized billet aluminum products that over shadow most other products on the market. His switch panels are fully customizable upon ordering and the accompanying relay board are compact and easy to wire in! Speedwire also offer a great e-stop style main battery disconnect option. Check out their web page for more details!


Speedwire’s components can regularly be found on many Drag and Road Course race cars as well they offer many marine-application products for motorsports and pleasure craft!


Come check out Canada Heads Up series this summer at TMP and walk around the pits. you will find many examples of Speedwire System products in the drag cars that run our series!