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RM Racing Lubricants kicks 2022 with their Power Sports initiative

February 24, 2022

Local Maxima Racing Oil Master Distributor RM Racing Lubricants is back on board to support Ian Hill Racing Productions in 2022 and with it the Canada Heads Up – Shootout Series!

Richard Matthie of the RM brand of companies has been a noticeable addition to the IHRP events in recent years and brings with him a vendor booth of Maxima Racing Oil and related products.

Besides RM Racing Lubricants, Rich regularly focuses on his RM Racing Panels and now the new addition of RM Power Sports with a focus on the racing Bike scene sales and service.

RM Racing Lubricants support is split up between the Canada Heads Up Pro Categories, Jr Dragster Program and is the Team Sponsor of the OGW Outlaw Bike team in the summer scheduled OGW vs QGW races at Napierville Dragway and the RPM Magazine Smackdown6 presented by Maxima Racing Oil and RM Racing Lubricants at TMP. 

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Maxima Racing Oil enters 3rd season of support with Canada Heads Up – Shootout Series

February 16, 2022

Maxima Racing Oil joins forces to present the Canada Heads Up – Shootout Series again for 2022. Maxima Racing Oil has had a huge presence at our events for the last 3 years. Canadian Master Distributor RM Racing Lubricants attends our events throughout the summer to provide the Maxima brand products to all of our competitors and fans!

Maxima Racing Oils has been a driving force in helping us grow the series and we are proud to welcome them back for the 2022 season.” – Ian Hill – series Director. “Maxima Racing Oils and Maxima brand products can be found in and on many of our competing vehicles. Maxima’s SAE standard weight fluids to there popular 20w50 and 10w30 style synthetics, blends and mineral oils – as well the SC1, Speed Wax and Bio Cleaner products can be found in most pits at the Canada Heads Up events!”

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Misener Motorsports presents 6.50 index for 2022

February 14, 2022

Jay Misener is not new to the performance industry. Misener Motorsports has been around since 2005, and after 17 years in the performance industry you might say alittle bit rubs off you once in a while!

Misener Motorsports is known for their performance  and race builds out of their Brantford Ontario location. Misener Motorsports also features an in-house chassis dyno. Jay and his team can help your auto needs from daily fixing, performance upgrades or complete building and rebuilding. They are a performance parts dealer in Brantford and on weekend days that end in “Y” Jay can be found testing his Coyote Stock swapped fox body at local drag strips! 

Misener Motorsports has been a long time supporter of local drag racing and we are proud to have him come on board again for 2022, this time supporting a series class – the 6.50 Index. Canada Heads Up presented by Speedwire Systems, Maxima Racing Oil and Nash Competition Engines is heading into our 4th season and we are sure this on will be off the hook!

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VP returns to support Super Street for 2022

February 9, 2022

VP Racing Fuels makes there return as the presenting class sponsor for the highly ranked Super Street Class. VP Racing Fuels has been a staple in the racing fuel business in Ontario for years and 2022 will be no different. VP racing Fuels offers a wide variety of Leaded and Unleaded high octane fuels and Multiple options of Methanol and Flex Fuel (E85 etc.).

“Super Street has long been the Street Car Shootout’s most well attended class. These high horse power hot rods regularly see 2500+hp in 2800lb race cars. Canada Heads Up (CHU) is proud to have VP Racing Fuels return for this their second season with us”, Ian Hill – CHU Director

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Zex Toronto signs on to present PRO10five for 2022

February 4, 2022

ZEX Toronto has been a staple in Ontario, Canada’s Street Car Shootout drag racing world for years. Now they have come on board to present the quickest of the Canada Heads Up- Shootout Series classes – PRO10five!

ZEX Toronto is a family owned and operated company built to serve the automotive and marine industry with rebuilt starters, alternators, brake calipers and power steering components. ZEX has now expanded their expertise to A/C compressors. The newly formed branch of Zex Toronto handles rebuilding and servicing of automotive A/C compressors and clutch assemblies. Not to stop there, ZEX also rebuilds Super Chargers and Turbo Chargers!….and if we look alittle further towrds the track ZEX also builds some wild high horsepower engines as well!

ZEX Toronto looks forward to bringing their PRO10five class entry this season and as always continues their involvement of CHU Board of Directors member Luciano Vitelli’s Super Street team.


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Ultimate Car & Truck Refinishing teams up with CHU for 2022

Feb 1, 2022 


IHRP and CHU welcome Bryon Treveld’s Ultimate Car & Truck Refinishing and Collision Center to our roster for 2022. Brian has been a repeat competitor in the Canada Heads Up – Shootout Series presented by Speedwire and Nash Competition Engines for the last few years and finished top 5 last season.

Ultimate Car & Truck Refinishing and Collision Center can be found in Sutton Ontario, just south of Lake Simcoe! Check these links to their FB page and their website for more details! Ultimate Car & Truck Refinishing and Collision Center can also be found through the series website at

Bryon is also a VP Racing Fuels dealer and is known for his extra service of delivering orders to the track as needed for his customers on CHU Race days!

Thank you Bryon and we look forward to seeing the results of your winter upgrades!

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