Sokoloff Lawyers come on board to support CHU for 2022!

June 8, 2022

Sokoloff Lawyers has come on board in a big way for 2022! Wendy and her group at Sokoloff Lawyers has many legal options you can choose from the next time you need legal support in your corner. Sokoloff specializes in Accident and Injury legal advise. To limit their services to just these two options wouldnt be fair to the company! Check out the services they offer with this link.

Sokoloff Lawyers is the supporting sponsor of the 2022 EZ Street class as well the new 5.0 Warriors class! Sokoloff has also stepped up to support the year Awards!

We cant thank Wendy and Sokoloff Lawyers enough for coming onboard for 2022! Click the links, and check out their services today!