Team Reid, OGW’s newest marketing partner

January 23, 2019 i’m writing this post from inside a Lion, and its rather dark in here… from the petting zoo at the super secret  hide out of the OGW  


Ontario Grudge Wars is so very pleased to announce the addition of another sponsor for our 2019 season. Coming back for a second year of support – Team Reid!

Team Reid is lead by Team Owner and driver John Reid. John is making a name for himself in the small tire shootout racing in Southern Ontario and beyond. John spent some time down in Oklahoma racing some of the best in the business, and also traveled to race against the Ohio Street Outlaws group later in 2018! We expect to see John’s SN95 Mustang named The Mistress out at our events in 2019 and we thank him for his support! Check the Drivers area and Sponsors page of our website for more info on John, Team Reid and The Mistress!




Team Reid