NHRA adopts new 85″ over hang rules

In a surprise move NHRA has announced its intentions of adding to the front end overhang allowance in the Pro Category classes for the balance of 2022 and beyond. Speculation is that the NHRA wishes to continue to separate itself from the likes of other sub par Associations and Promoters like Donald Long that recently made the move to limit the amount of over hang allowed on entries in his wildly popular Pro 275 radial tire class. Some racers have already found it easier to go back to outlaw body part manufacturers and get them to extend the noses on their outlawed bodies rather than trying to design the new shorter nose that will be required before the fall radial races hit the calendar. 

New for 2022, the NHRA will now be allowing 85″ of over hang in the following classes – Pro Mod, Pro Stock and the new Factory Stock Eliminator. ” we saw an opening where there was ton of pissed off racers and body manufacturers, we were down in Pro Mod entries, so it just made sense”, – NHRA  staff member that wouldnt be named. Staff within the NHRA organization would not say whether they intend to allow  Pecker Extenders to run the same length, however they did agree that adding length to the nose would help their fan base separate class cars apart from NHRA base entries and other Outlaw event entries and were keen to add that those that utilize the new rule at the next race would mostly be the new Big Dick!