OGW invited to “TAKE OVER” at All Out Live in August

December 12, 2019 from the deepest darkest dungeon office at the Super Secret Hideout of the OGW


Another great opportunity that was confirmed at the PRI show was our involvement with All Out Live at Lapeer Michigan August 11, 2019. Brian Bossone of All Out Live met for dinner with us on the Thursday of PRI and we hit it off great. OGW has been given an opportunity to bring our No Time, Grudge Racing by hat draw type excitement to their event. Ofcourse in true OGW fashion we are naming our event “the Takeover”!

OGW will be hosting 2 classes at this event, which will NOT be part of the series points run. Limited 28s and Real Street will be contested as well as all the fun of the ALL OUT LIVE DAY  that we have all come to know! Call outs, headsup racing and OGW…who could ask for anything more!

OGW is just now putting the details together, but at this point we are looking at 8 OGW Limited 28s cars going down to take on 8 locals for a guaranteed $2000USD top dog purse! Real Street will be open to all to enter, however we are limiting the entry numbers to the first 32 cars that enter which will also be shootoing for a minimum $2000 guarantee to win purse.

Another great deal, is that MotormaniaTV will also be live streaming this event, and because if a little is good, more must be better… come on down on Thursday with us for the Test session, Friday Tom Baileys Cruise in Party and Road Kill Nights Saturday night all before our big day on Sunday August 11th! …oh we are not done yet… you can be sure that this weekend will be super special as its also going to be RPM Magazine’s 20th anniversary party weekend, you can be sure they are going to make this series of events truly over the top!