July 9, 2019 – From the office that makes shit happen at the super secret hide out of the OGW


With only 10 days to go till Southern Ontario’s most exciting car event of the summer, the RPM Smackdown3 is shaping up to be the premier street car drag racing event of the year! Now in its 7th year in Ontario, No Time Grudge based racing is at its peak again this summer.

After what was the most action packed an afternoon/ evening could be, the 2018 2nd running of the Smackdown was off the charts with some great match ups in the Outlaw and Limited28s classes. The growth that the Real Street class saw from the Smackdown2 to the fall small tire shootout was equally impressive and 2019’s RPM Magazine will be a show stopper! This year, with the addition of heads up classes 235Outlaws and Street Bikes, we are sure to put on a Saturday street car show of the old days! Add this with the large guaranteed payouts in Street275 and the Pro, Super Pro and Jr Dragster classes the July 19-21 weekend at Toronto Motorsports Park will be awesome!

The weekend features a test day Friday which flows into Saturday’s Heads Up and Sportsman classes. The Heads Up classes feature Outlaw Extreme, a Clocks Off, limited rules classes for any doors cars with 10.5w tires or less running off their share of the $10,000 class purse. Limited28s, some would argue the most popular heads up class around these days, features stock appearing cars with a few rules, running on 28″ tires with unlimited HP! These bad ass small tire cars will also be shooting their guns in an effort to nab some of the $10,000 purse for their class. Street275 is back and hosts a $4000 purse, the new 235Outlaws are hitting the track for a $1000 purse as are the Street Bike jockeys! Add to the mix $6500 in bottom bulb sportsman payouts over the weekend, $9000 in top bulb dial in purses, $1800 in jr Dragster purses, and a $200 per day per class bonus to the Bikes and Sleds and Extreme8.80s winners…. then on top of it all there is a RPM Magazine Smackdown3 Heavy Weight Championship Belt on the line for each!

All in all a weekend for the racer with over $45,000 in Payouts ready for those that prove perfection and luck can go hand in hand, along side the perfect weekend for the drag racing street car enthusiast as the amazing show they will see on Saturday July 20th!

Check out our website for details and rules, sponsor links and some profiles of the greatest racers in our area!

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RPM Magazine Smackdown3 event flier

Check out the website for details on this years premier Ontario Street Car event! 2019’s RPM Magazine Smackdown3 will be off the hook with $45,000 in guaranteed payouts over the 3 day weekend.



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RPM Magazine and Ian Hill Racing Promotions announce the 2019 TOP TEN program!

June 3, 2019 – from the bat cave at the super secret hide of the OGW


What could possibly better than the 2018 partnership between RPM Magazine and Ian Hill Racing Promotions you ask? How can anything be cooler than those few bad-ass hotrods that ended up being featured in the pages of RPM Magazine? 

Well… how about this!!!!! RPM Magazine is looking for the TOP TEN bad-ass cars that show up to one of Ian Hill Racing Promotions events this year! Thats right TEN CARS!!!! Come out to one of the Canada Heads Up or OGW’s running of the RPM Magazine Smackdown3 and you’ll have your chance to end up on the pages of Canada’s top racing magazine!

When is your next chance to be picked…

June 8-9 Canada Heads Up Race 2

July 11 All Out Live/ Lapeer Michigan

July 19-21 RPM Magazine Smackdown3

Aug 24-25 Canada Heads Up

Sept 21-22 Canada Heads Up



see you there……. 🙂


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Canada Heads Up Weekend Pricing Structure release

May 16, 2019

With only a 8 days to go until we hit the track word on the street is TMP will be the place to be next weekend to see the best Street Car Shootout action in Ontario Canada!


Please check out the standard TMP Gate pricing as listed in the above flier as well all of the Class entry fees.

As a reminder, ALL Pro Classes including Street275 and Street Bike are Qualifying Saturday/ Racing Sunday. Sportsman classes which include Bikes and Sleds, All Indexes and Open/ Pro Comp are One race Saturday, One Race Sunday!


Keep watch early next week for an update showing the weekend Schedule and an update to our Guaranteed Payouts!!!!!

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VIP Passes, Reserved Parking, and a little bit of swag!

May 7, 2019


VIP Passes are now available!

$200 for the 4 race season will get you:

– Reserved Pit Spot (first come/ first serve). We ave 19 spots available on the Pro Pits area and many more across the staging lane area in the Sportsman Section. While we cant guaranteed your spot will be free during Friday night’s TnT session, we can guaranteed it will be free before and after! The Pit Spot reservations are only valid for our 4 series races.

– A Canada Heads Up Series shirt and cool VIP Tow Rig windshield sticker showing everyone what pit spot is yours!!!!!

– Fill out your registration information and have it in to us by the Wednesday @ Noon prior to the race weekend and we will ensure all your information is documented and ready for you when it comes time to register – helping you avoid any long delays at registration.

– Crew VIP. Prepay for your crew members entrance before they arrive! As a racer many times we arrive at the race track long before or after our crew members. With the VIP you can contact us a week before the race and prepay for all your crew, getting them on the VIP Gate Pass List!

– Register as a Canada Heads Up VIP by May 18th and you’ll get one draw ticket for the Miller Welding Equipment Welder we are raffling off May 25th!


Contact Us to become a VIP
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Local Businesses get together to support Extreme 8.80 and Street Bike classes at Canada Heads Up Series

May 7, 2019

With only 2 and a half weeks to go before the season opener, last minute sponsors are still pouring in! When we approached by many Motorcycle Drag Racers at the Motorama car show, we had no idea the support that would follow would be so great!

Canada Heads Up series will feature among many others car classes, 3 classes specifically for bikes (and bikes and sleds)! The regular dial in, pro tree Bikes and Sleds handicap class will be accompanied by Extreme8.80 and Street Bike! Rules can be found on the Canada Heads up Facebook and in copies of our rule book which can be had by hitting the contact us page on the web site or asking for a hard copy at the first race May 25/26.

Extreme8.80 is a index for the hardcore sportsman bike racer while the Street Bike class is the Bike racers go to class for Heads Up pro tree drag racing on stock wheel base/ no bar bikes!

We are super excited to have the Bikes and Sleds racers join us this season. Support for the class payouts will come from the series Sponsorship pool and be subsidized by the following awesome companies: Unlimited Landscaping, Norris Roofing, Advanced Auto, Amberlea Landscaping,  Uniglass Windshields, One Call Property Services, CSO Elite Protection and Berta Landscaping

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Joe Van O Carbon Fiber Light Weight Race Car Body parts joins forces with OGW’s RPM Magazine Smackdown3 as a trophy sponsor

May 6, 2019

Joe Van O makers of some of the finest carbon fiber race car body parts in the industry has joined forces with the RPM Smackdown3 to help bring you the best trophies a racer could ask for – A Heavy Weight style Championship Belt!


Joe Van O light weight body parts can be found on many of the quickest outlaw door slammers in Canada and US including many Radial vs The World competitors. 

Vist there web page and give them a call the next time you are looking for lightweight body parts for your race car!

Visit Joe Van O
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Sponsorship continues to pour in as we head into May

April showers bring… May Sponsors!!!!!


OGW and Canada Heads Up as proud to announce the addition or 3 new associate sponsors. 

Finish Line Niagara – Thank you Jesse and Rich, Finish Line Niagara are Media Blasting and Paint Specialists

Champion Motors – The GTA place to shop for OEM Performance replacement componets, engines, body work and mechanical service. Specializing Corvette and Camaro upgrades! Call Rob to answer any questions you may have!

Tovey Motorsports – Glenn and Rick have a long history with our group, racing and leaders during the the OCSA early days. Followed up by the Tovey family being one of the partnering famillies behind the Pro Tree Association, and now not only will they been racing at our events, they stand beside us with support!

All three of these great supporters can be found in our Sponsors section on the webpage

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Big Cheques make their way to Toronto Motorsports Park for Canada Heads Up winners!!!!

April 30, 2019

From the accounting department at the super secret hideout of the OGW


As we are ready to bring in the month of May, with it we expect some warmer weather to heat up the race track which will give way to the first few races of the season. Come May 25-26, 2019 Canada Heads Up moves into Toronto Motorsports Park in what will be our inaugural event. We have spent much of the winter months putting together a rule book and race day schedule that will be an excellent weekend at the races for all that attend!

We have some exciting news to bring to all the racers – along with the class payouts, Canada Heads Up will be providing the Sunday Winnners of all classes that payout $800 or more with Big Cheques to hang in your trailer or on the shop wall at home!


Visit our Facebook page to see our rules or visit the contact us page and email for your PDF copy/

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Guelph Racing partners with Canada Heads Up

April 23, 2019

From the home theater room at the super secret hide out of the OGW


It what will surely help to take our series to the next level, a deal has been struck with Guelph Racing to bring their video expertise to TMP during all 4 of our Street Car Shootout – Class Racing Series Races, better known as Canada Heads Up!


Guelph Racing has a great following on their YouTube channel and we couldnt be more excited! Not only will Guelph Racing be helping to get our brand out onto the web, but we have made some special arrangements in that we will end up with some great promo footage to use for future events! This will definitely help us get our sponsors recognized in another platform!


Look for Guelph Racing to be present at all the Canada Heads Up Events! May 25-26, June 8-9, August 24-25 and Sept 21-22 2019 at Toronto Motorsport Park!


Follow Guelph Racing’s Youtube channel and their Facebook page so you dont miss a second of the action this summer!

Visit the GR Youtube channelGR on Facebook
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