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T-S Construction supports OGW!

T-S Contruction provides quality on site construction service in the Toronto Ontario area. From Concrete to most small to large size construction projects – T-S Construction should be your first choice!

Business owner Tony Starkey is passionate about everything he does in his life, and among his daily routine, he loves drag racing. When Tony heard what the OGW has planned for our Champions at the RPM Magazine Smackdown3 he wanted to be part of it! So we signed Tony up as our first Trophy sponsor! 


Make sure you come out to Motorama 2019 to see the many cars we will have on display in our booth as well the Outlaw Extreme Champions trophy display!


Thank you Tony!

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Please welcome our newest marketing partner – The Fire Within

January 30, 2019 – from the cozy blanket laid out in front of the fire, in the Billards room at the super secret hide out of the OGW


OGW is please to announce our latest Marketing Partner – The Fire Within.


The Fire Within is Muskoka area’s top choice for Fireplace, Insert and Chimney installations or repair. With over 20 years of experience The Fire Within can meet all your expectations, include full project completion of outdoor fireplaces, kitchen grills and everything in between. 


Check out the Sponsors section of our website for more info and a link out to their site!

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OGW…sometimes you just have to give credit where credit is due

MGR – George Christakis

January 25, 2019 – from the desk in the translation room at the super secret hide out of the OGW

Just as the title of this press release states… sometimes its not all about the money, all about sponsors, all about something that directly benefits OGW. Sometimes you just have to sit back and give credit where it is due.

I have been witness to seeing George of MGR Performance wandering the pits of Napierville, Point Rouge and Grand Bend Motorplex and i can say, each time – while he hasnt had a car to drive at these events, he’s been there to win. George’s dedication to Small Tire Shootout style racing and his customers is something to be proud of! Please take a few minutes of your day to read a bit about George’s shop and check some of his customers hot rods!- MGR Performance FTW. – Ian Hill



MGR Performance Inc has been in the engine building business going on 6yrs with great success and we are located in Laval Qc Canada .
The big reason to our success is because George Christakis the owner of MGR Performance has been a small tire heads up drag racer for well over 20yrs and his true love has been engine building cylinder porting along with tuning cars on the track. After all the years of experimenting with his own personal stuff he has developed and still developing every day the expertise to be able to deliver successful engine combinations that deliver winning combos ..!
Below are some of our clients that race in the OGW and QGW events and are solid players in the Canadian small tire game … There is a lot more cars coming out of the shop and you will see them in 2019 with many many surprises for the competition … – MGR Performance

find MGR online at MGR Performance/ FACEBOOK and visit our webpage to see more about Ontario Grudge Wars and what the Small Tire Shoots in Canada look like!


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Kered Cable Contracting, our next marketing partner profile

January 25, 2019 – From the desk in the dyno room at the super secret hide out of the OGW


Kered Cable Contracting has come on board for the second straight year, supporting the small tire shootout style classes of the OGW. Owner Tom Smith is a huge advocate of the No Time Grudge events we host and has been known to go a few rounds in his own Firebird 28″ tire hot rod!

Thank you Kered Cable Contracting and Tom Smith.

Visit our web site so see more about Kered Cable Contracting in our Sponsors section and details of Toms Firebird in the Drivers section. 

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FabMac Industries joins growing list of Sponsors…

January 24, 2019 – From corner behind the shear in the race car shop at the super secret hide out of the OGW head quarters.


We welcome returning sponsor: Fab Mac Industries

FabMac Industries is in their second year supporting our Small Tire events.

FabMac is a Hamilton based fabrication and machine shop focused on all forms of Motorsports from drag racing to drifting. 

They Specialize in LS engines and putting together some of the nicest turbo setups in town, FabMac’s work can be admired on several cars racing in our series.

Check out the Sponsors section of our Web Page for more details.


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Team Reid, OGW’s newest marketing partner

January 23, 2019 i’m writing this post from inside a Lion, and its rather dark in here… from the petting zoo at the super secret  hide out of the OGW  


Ontario Grudge Wars is so very pleased to announce the addition of another sponsor for our 2019 season. Coming back for a second year of support – Team Reid!

Team Reid is lead by Team Owner and driver John Reid. John is making a name for himself in the small tire shootout racing in Southern Ontario and beyond. John spent some time down in Oklahoma racing some of the best in the business, and also traveled to race against the Ohio Street Outlaws group later in 2018! We expect to see John’s SN95 Mustang named The Mistress out at our events in 2019 and we thank him for his support! Check the Drivers area and Sponsors page of our website for more info on John, Team Reid and The Mistress!




Team Reid

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OGW storms MOTORAMA 2019!

January 22, 2019 – From the desk in the sand and polish room at the super secret hideout of the OGW


We are please to announce that OGW will be well represented at the 2019 Motorama Custom Car Show! We have secured a large floor space in a prime location and look forward to showing off what we are all about…. high power, little tires and loads of fun! While we are not going to give too much away, we will have a number of cars in the display, on display will also be one of our killer Championship trophies that we are giving away at the RPM Magazine’s Smackdown3 as well we will have loads of information sheets, and a cool video running in the background of our efforts at the track at past events!

MOTORAMA is being held at the International Center as also in Toronto Ontario and will run from March 8-10.

Are you an OGW racer that will be attending the show with your car? Let us know by sending us a quick note via the contact us page 

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Miller Welding Equipment joins the growing list of supporters of the OGW for 2019!

January 16, 2019 – From the office in the West Wing on the 3rd floor  (Fluffy’s Room)of the Super Secret OGW headquarters.


“Miller Welding Equipment has been a staple at my home race shop and at my business for many years. Miller offers many levels of machines, one is sure to fit your needs! Check out the link to their site for details.” – Ian Hill

As part of their support for our series keep watch for contests throughout the year for Miller Welding Products!


Click Here to visit Miller Welding Equipment
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TBM Brakes marks the second company to join OGW’s product code program

They say membership has its privileges! Hit us up on our contact us page and let us know you want to be part of the OGW bigger picture. OGW is constantly striving to bring more value to our racers and followers, so here is yet another opportunity to get great value at reduced pricing! 


TBM Brakes is offering our racers that make their order using an OGW Product Code, 10% off their regular pricing. TBM Brakes are manufuacturers of lightweight steel disk brake kits. Their unique design helps to eliminate rotor warping. They are so confident of their product that they offer a lifetime warranty on their rotors if a complete set is ordered!

Send us a message through our Contact Us page and check out their website for more info! 

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Hutch’s Transmission on board for 2019!

January 11, 2019 – from the penthouse at the super secret location of the OGW


Hutch’s transmission has joined the ever going number of businesses that are in support of the Ontario Grudge Wars event base and the Smackdown3! Hutch has recently updated his website, we invite you all to click on the link and see whats new!


Hutch has been serving the performance and racing industry for many years and has made a name for himself with his dedication to his custom service and quality! His transmissions can be found in some serious high performance cars which can be seen in his customers cars page.

Hutches Transmission
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