TAKING THE SMALL TIRE DEBATE TO THE MINIMUM, 235Outlaws in Ontarios newest small tire class to start waves

April 18, 2019

From the Oring department at the super secret hide out of the OGW!


Answering the call out as to what dictates a small tire, we bring you 235Outlaws! As we molded the classes surrounding Canada Heads Up and Ontario Grudge Wars events this year it seems we lost the mid 5 second street car true heads up class. As we manipulated the rule set of Street275 to move it towards a more entry level class by adding a cap to the et (at 5.50 seconds) we produced a hole in the schedule. Racers that want to continue down the path towards the never ending need for speed that a true heads up class gives, would have a huge jump when they wanted to step up from the basic set of rules of the Street275 class to the more unlimited set of rules that is the Limited28s or EZ Street.


“With the addition of 235Outlaws we are offering a place for the real street looking car to compete at a higher level. However dont think this will be cake walk… getting the 235/60/15 radials or 26×8.5 slicks to hook up will be the competitors biggest challenge this year!” says series promoter Ian Hill.


Series committee members are in continued meetings as we discuss looking for a sponsor for the class, entry fees and payouts for the season! First and foremost we will need to see the support from the racers themselves and we will start this process with making up a Facebook Event page to help gauge interest.

As usual, we entrusted our artistic needs to none other than Jim Mcharg for the logo of the class and once again he knocked it out of the park! Class entries for our series and the RPM Magazine Smackdown3 will recieve a vinyl decal for their windshields of the logo, as well we expect some cool shirts to be available showing off the new class logo!

235Outlaws rules can be found pinned to the top of our Canada Heads Up facebook page or the Ontario Grudge Wars web site in the Rules section.


235Outlaws will be run at all 5 of Ian Hill Racing Promotions events this summer (Canada Heads Up series races and OGW”s RPM Magazine Smackdown3). visit our website for the contact us page for more details

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Paul Gaspar and his brand of high performance  and upgrade repair shop and parts supply store has joined the ever growing list of top companies standing along side the Canada Heads Up – Street Car Shootout Series and Ontario Grudge Wars, the brand behind the RPM Magazine Smackdown3. We are please to partner with Paul and to help advertise his efforts in the street car and racing community! Visit our site and check out the Sponsors section for more details on Pauls shop and store as well as a link out to his web page!

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Bullseye Power Turbochargers boosts the RPM Magazine Smackdown3

April 16, 2019

From the race shop… putting the last minute pieces together for the season at the super secret hide out of the OGW!


We are pleased to announce the addition of another industry staple Bullseye Power Turbochargers to our marketing partner’s list! Bullseye Power turbochagers has been at the boosted game for 16 years and with their inhouse foundry and fabrication/ machining/ engineering capabilities they are truely a leader in their field. I could go on about Bullseye, but their website is awesome and can answer almost all your questions on their history and their future! Check out Wild Bill Devine’s Outlaw10.5 at our RPM Magazines Smackdown3 coming to TMP this summer (July 19-21, 2019). If you are a fan of Ontario Grudge Wars, then you probably saw our very own Dean Carmine down at Lights Out 10 struting his Bullseye Power Turbochager DXP235 entry! 

Visit Bullseye Power Turbochargers
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Internet Breaks as Lights Out 11 announcement leads to North America’s biggest Radial Tire Race leaving the country…

April 1, 2019

In what is sure to be the top drag related story of 2019, Ontario Grudge Wars announced this morning that the Worlds Largest Small Tire Drag Radial race is headed to Ontario Canada. While the whole world sat on the edge of their seats waiting for the announcement of where Duck would be headed with his brand of of the baddest small tire racing on the planet. The Management of the Ontario Grudge Wars camp went out, settled another controversial partnership of sorts and negotiated the deal of a life time!

“As soon as I saw that Lights Out was leaving SGMP, we went to work to heal some wounds with the Brass at OSO. We knew right away, there would be no way we could pull this off alone! As soon we finished our Tim Horton’s coffees we headed out and got started making plans for our proposal to Duck!” said OGW front man Ian Hill. “Once Paul and I kissed & made up, said sorry to each other it was 100% go time as i knew we were against the clock as no doubt there would be many other hosts vying for the chance to host the largest street car radial race known to man”.

After many phone calls & discussions an agreement was made as a 4 way partnership of sorts came together between Duck, OGW, OSO and 3M and we are super excited to let everyone know that 3M will be providing the track prep at the 2019 running of the Lightsout event! “We discussed with Duck that the constant down time between classes during qualifying was draining and costly to those trying to watch pay per view and live streaming on the standard Canadian dial up internet connection, with 3M invloved they are offering a truly state of the art aircraft quality “Flypaper” peel and stick product that we will applying the racing surface once per day! 3M has stated they believe the treatment would take about 20 minutes to apply and will be good for up to 364 passes with upwards of 740lbs of torque on the local track’s surface tension meter measured at the starting line.

Of course with the exchange rate in the American’s favor, RvW looks like the standard $50,000 to win program will increase to approximately $68,000 Canadian funds thanks to Trump’s build the wall efforts! “once we show off the capabilities of the new 3M products and offer up some of that good old Canadian politeness, Canadian beer and offer a vendor area featuring the spoils of Ontario’s Topless law that came into affect a few years ago, we expect this year’s event to be Ducks biggest ever”!

Our next steps is to do some testing with the Fly Paper Product in the cool Ontario-night’s temperatures surrounding that date. As Duck has already announced the date of LightsOut 11 we will definitely have some work to do to make sure the track can be ready to handle 300+ cars! We are looking forward to hosting this event and bringing an influx of tourism to our area, as we are sure that most racers will take this opportunity to visit Niagara Falls on their way through… the iced up falls in February is beautiful with the colored lights glowing on them after dark….


About Ontario Grudge Wars: Ontario Canada’s fastest group of No Time racers can be found online at . We host the annual RPM Magazine’s Smackdown3 July 19-22, 2019! Visit our web site for sponsor and class details, and know that we take everything on the race track 100% seriously, all other things… not so much ;)!



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Canada Heads Up/ OGW Booth steals the show….

March 11, 2019

From the shut down area of the super secret hide out of the OGW


After 3 days of manning our booth at the 2019 Motorama Car Show, i can tell you – my feet, hips, knees, shoulders and back are all sore… yet i sit here smiling from ear to ear! A huge Shout out to all the guys that brought their cars out for our display – Cole, Nick, John, Dean, Chris, Wajdy, Luc, Mike and Paul. Thank you for helping to make our efforts such a great success. To all came to visit our booth, to talk shop, racing, meet up with friends and especially those that came forward unsolicited to discuss Sponsorship for 2019 – thank you. To Motorama, great people to deal with, they took care of us right down to the last minute change of our drivers meeting room. Thank you. To our OGW/ Canada Heads Up Volunteers and crew members that manning the booth all weekend, answering questions, selling shirts, Milling Welding 211 Mig Welder draw tickets and for just being there – thank you! This weekend was awesome and we cant wait to do it again in 2020 with as much enthusiasm as we have right now!

Congratulations to the following booth attendees for winning or coming second place in your respective classes.

Cole – Under 25 Jr Dragster

Nick – Class and Best Paint Competition 69 Camaro

John –  Class Corvette

Chris – Class Mustang

Wajdy – Class Mustang

Mike – Class Mustang

Paul – Class Mustang


Our drivers meeting was fantastic! We had over 90 people in the room, had a great, quick discussion filled with a ton of info in a short time. TMP rep Neale Armstrong spoke on track updates and our efforts thus together. Truly the most well attended drivers meeting i have ever attended.


The party is over, its time to go over all of our notes from the weekend and get moving! With 20 new members signed up as of Saturday night we have our work cut out for us over the next couple weeks! For those of you that like information… keep your eyes peeled to the screen!

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Jessie Sharpe signs on as Official Photographer of OGW and Canada Heads Up

Series Director and Coordinators Ian Hill, Wajdy Khalil and Dean Carmine with Nick Agostino at the OGW/ Canada Heads Up Booth – Motorama 2019

March 11, 2019

From the Dark Room at the super secret hide out of the OGW


While Motorama has come and gone, (we have so much to tell you) the big news is we are happy and super excited to announce we are teaming up with Jessie Sharpe as our official photographer of the 2019 season for both the OGW and Canada Heads Up series of races. 


Jesse is well known for her efforts at TMP and other tracks in recent years, and she will be a key factor in building our brand awareness and exposure this year! Keep an eye open for Jessie’s work from the Motorama show and other car related events through the season. Visit her Facebook page here for more info! All photo requests and discussions should be handled directly with Jessie!


We are so excited to partner with Jessie this season as she helps take our brand recognition to the next level!

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AGOSTINO’S new RvW Camaro in Canada Heads Up booth this weekend at Motorama

March 4, 2019

From the ET Shack at the super secret hide out of the OGW!


Hot off Lights Out 10 at South Georgia Motorsports Park, Nick Agostino and his fresh build Radial vs. the World 1969 Camaro is set to make its Canadian event debut! Canada Heads Up along with Ontario Grudge Wars is set host 9 cars at their display at this years Motorama carshow. The cars will show a wide range of what the two organizations have to offer in the way of race following! 

Along with Nick’s 69 Camaro, come out and check out Wajdy Khalil’s 84 Mustang the Mod-Booger, Dean Carmine’s The Loaf, 2018 OGW Outlaw Champion Rob Zarcone’s Outlaw 10.5/ Super Street 68 Camaro, 2018 OGW Limited 28s Champion Luc Ricard and his 2000 Mustang (all the way from Quebec), Paul Gasper’s Street275 Mustang, Hot off his 10 page spread in RPM Magazine Chris Demovski’s MurdaGT Street275/ Real Street entry, Cole Ferri showing off what our up-and-coming racers have to offer with his Canada Heads Up Jr Dragster entry and John Simos’ FeralZ06  Corvette Real Street entry.

We will have series info, class info and drivers hand books available at the booth as well at our drivers meeting slated for 2pm in Room 201 on Saturday!

if you need more info, visit the contact us page of the web site!


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Wiseco Piston signs on as Title Sponsor of the Outlaw Extreme class, locking in the $10,000 guaranteed purse

March 1, 2019

From the engine assembly room at the super secret hideout of the OGW


Thanks to the great work and partnership going on behind the scenes of RPM Magazine, we have secured Wiseco Pistons as the title sponsor of the RPM Magazine’s Smackdown3 Outlaw Extreme Class! 

“this is icing on the cake, with a great company like Wiseco Piston behind us it shows we have been making a statement in the drag world as an industry leader in race promotion. We are looking forward to seeing everyone’s reaction as we announce that we are now locked in for our $10,000 guaranteed payouts for the class! Wiseco is a great brand and we are so very thankful for the opportunity to have them on board for 2019!



About Wiseco Piston:

Wiseco’s corporate headquarters in Mentor, Ohio, boasts of over 150,000 square feet of state-of-the art forging and CNC machining equipment. Wiseco also has fully stocked, strategically located distribution centers within Canada and Europe to serve markets all over the world. 

With our coast to coast domestic distribution system and international customers in Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, and Asia, Wiseco is the world leader in the manufacturing of hi-performance, forged pistons for the snowmobile, motorcycle, ATV, personal watercraft, outboard marine and automotive markets.

Wiseco engineers utilize the latest in 3D design and finite element modeling software to ensure every Wiseco design is developed to provide the greatest strength and lightest weight for each application. Our in-house Dyno facility, equipped with the latest technology, along with our field-testing network, insure that our products meet the expectations of the demanding motorsports industry.

Visit their web page at

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February 28,2019

From the in-law suite at the super secret hide out of the OGW!


The call out was made for all Super Street, EZ Street and Limited28s related persons to attend a round table meeting Feb 23rd. The meeting was held with overwhelming success as around 50 people showed up to support our efforts and provide much needed feed back about the history of the classes, where they are currently vs. where it is hoped they will head. Focus was placed on the people behind the newly formed Canada Heads Up, how we will be running our events and the show over all, as well the entry fee/ payout structures. Over all the Canada Heads Up management team were very well received and the rules based discussion for both Super Street and EZ Street were calm and collected.

Of the items discussed, Canada Heads Up will be adding a two-person rules based sub committee to our list of volunteer positions. We are asking for anyone that would like to be one of the two volunteers, or nominate anyone, please have names into us by no later than Monday March 4, 2019. If more than 2 names come in, we will produce a ballot that will be available at our Drivers Meeting @ Motorama March 9th @ 2 pm. To be eligible to vote, you must be a member of the Canada Heads Up series ($100/ all funds collected will go to the banquet fund)(all members are welcome to vote). Ballots will be collected at the drivers meeting and counted. By the following weekend we will announce our sub committee members based on popular vote.


Bracket racing and Jr Dragster Program marketing partners needed! We have had some great feed back with our intended efforts behind the sportsman program at the 4 races of Canada Heads Up and the RPM Magazine Smackdown3. We have already locked in a Title Sponsor of the Jr Program for the RPM Magazine Smackdown3 race, as well a another company that is partnering with us to support the Smackdown and 4 weekend Jr races. On top of this, we have secured a No Box Title sponsor for the Canada Heads Up races so we are now focused on the Box 5 race deal as well as some associate level partners. We are pushing for mid week release of our Sportsman efforts, so keep an eye on your face book feeds! As always, it is our intentions to offer guaranteed payouts and a weekend race schedule that suits all classes!


Come be part of the madness as we fill your Saturday will drag related information at the Motorama car show next weekend! Saturday March 9 @ 12 noon – Drag Discussion panel. 2 pm – room 102 Canada Heads Up/ Rpm Magazine Smackdown3. 4pm Night of Champions and at our booth in the in second room all weekend! We are looking forward to seeing you out at the show next weekend! 

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2019 is shaping up….

Ian Hill Racing Productions adds new racing series to their efforts for 2019


With the 2019 season quickly approaching many racers are knee deep in their winter project updates and maintenance programs. Lights Out live streaming will give way to the indoor car show scene, which opens the door to spring and the beginning of race season! And for Ian Hill Racing Productions, there is not a day to waste.


After the recent developments in Ontario’s Street Car Headsup program and Toronto Motorsports Park’s decision to hand the reins over to the OGW lead group, Street Shootout racing has some new local energy again!


OGW has been digging a solid place on the map, bringing Small Tire / No Time Grudge racing to Ontario for the last few years. From its humble beginnings of 6 cars, bare bones rules and small tires, Ian Hill Racing Productions has helped grow the local No Tim / Grudge scene into 2018’s $30,000 payday event! Putting together the Super Bowl of Ontario Grudge racing, RPM Magazine’s OGW Smackdown has brought us to the forefront of the Drag Racing promotion game. It was through the success of our previous events, our commitment to exceed expectations to our Sponsors and Racers, and by the efforts of our volunteers, then late in the 2018 season, through the efforts of Trish Biro (RPM Magazine) and as part of RPM Magazine’s 20th anniversary celebrations,  we were contacted by All Out Live’s Brian Bassone to discuss the potential of bringing one of the fastest growing heads-up classes in Ontario – the No Time Grudge class Limited 28s, to their August 11, 2019 event at Lapeer Dragway. On top of that they are also looking forward to seeing what we can put together for a Real Street cruise class of licensed and insured street cars!


Fast forward to early February 2019; Ian found himself in the offices of Toronto Motorsports Park, discussing what Ian Hill Racing Productions/ OGW could bring to the table for the recently orphaned fastest Street Car classes Ontario has to offer. After much discussions with TMP management, the OGW put together a plan that both parties are truly excited about. “Ian Hill Racing, and his Ontario Grudge Wars, has been tagged to head up this series, and plans are being finalized to meet with racers to make sure that the program fit their needs, and with the great forward-thinking proposal Ian brought forward, I think we have just that heading into 2019”, stated TMP Track Manager Neale Armstrong.


Ian’s “Canada Heads Up – Street Car Shootout Series” is now the banner the current Super Street, EZ Street and the other Street Car Shootout classes will fall under. Racers will be excited to know that we are bringing our Guaranteed Payouts, race day schedule structure and the whole OGW based volunteer group to the track during each series race. As far as the crossover between OGW and Canada Heads Up goes, that’s where it ends. Canada Heads Up will feature the traditional Class Racing type weekends you have grown to love. Qualifying rounds, Ladders, Scoreboards and Win Lights, with Saturday qualifying and Sunday racing for Heads Up classes being the norm. We are looking at bringing in one or two other heads up classes and showing an equal focus on our sportsman side of the schedule


The group behind OGW is known for putting our money where our mouth is! Large and Guaranteed Payouts, locked in rule sets, locked in schedules and the Quickest Street Car style classes in the industry! Ian Hill and the OGW volunteers are ready for this next step in our drag racing production efforts and we are very excited to bring Canada Heads Up Class racing to TMP in 2019 and beyond.


For more information on the OGW Class racing series, keep an eye on their Facebook page and website., and

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